Deep Learning Classes - June

Course, ONERA, 2017

These full-day seminars are intended to give understanding of the key-concepts of machine learning and deep learning to an audience of engineers and research scientists. They are organized as a half-day tutorial to give theoretical basics and a half-day workshop with invited talks about more applied topics.

Deep Learning Day 2017/06/13 program

Slides for Deep Learning classes:

  • Introduction and Feature extraction by Bertrand Le Saux (Slides in French)

  • Classification and Support-Vector Machines by Alexandre Boulch (Slides in French)

  • Neural Networks by Bertrand Le Saux (Slides and Slides in French)

  • Deep Learning by Alexandre Boulch (Slides in French)

Invited Talks:

  • Marina Gruet (ONERA/DPhIEE): Neural networks for space weather prediction (Slides)

  • Jérôme Morio (ONERA/DTIS): Aerial traffic data analysis for risk evaluation (Slides)

  • Philippe Besse (INSA Toulouse/IMT): From statistician to data scientist (Slides)